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Magnolia is the second largest neighborhood in Seattle, occupying a hilly peninsula northwest of downtown. Its location means that Magnolia has a secluded feel, with a real neighborhood vibe. There's always something going on in Magnolia, whether it's the yearly SummerFest celebration, a farmer's market, or Fisherman's Market, where you can watch fishermen bring in great fresh catches.
The Magnolia neighborhood is home to wonderful food and, drink options, including Hawaiian, Mexican, sushi, Italian, sandwiches, Thai, pub food... if you can crave it, you can find it in Magnolia! 

Magnolia has a number of exciting attractions, first and foremost of which is Discovery Park. Here, you can go hiking on trails, jump in tide pools, traverse sandy beaches, and frolic in grassy meadows. The park also has nature education classes, a Native American cultural center, and art gallery.